23 thoughts on “Minneapolis Sniff Adventures

  1. I haven’t read anything quite so compelling in years, if ever! Your skill is amazing, I love your metaphors, your unusual word choices. I feel as if I am reading the writing of a genius schizophrenic. Powerful writing. I need more!


  2. You have quite a lot of different themes going on amidst the loneliness and heartache. You tried to reach out to the girls, you do want to meet people, you go where people are, like the library. I hope that you will find someone to be a friend and who may lead you into more of an outward life. The introverted life seems to not make you happy. I would never say a happy introvert needs to go out and make friends. Wishing you well.


  3. In a riveting piece full of great lines it´s hard to choose, but this one stands out “The girls smoked on my reading porch and so we held cigarette length conversations.” Easy as pie to read and understand. Great stuff!


  4. Your writing is great and makes me miss Minneapolis. I lived there for eight years and had many fake friends. It’s hard to make good friends in the Midwest, but there are some good people there. I’m excited to read more.


    1. I’ve heard the same from many and am glad you can relate. No book but at some point I’m going to do a sorta book thing with things I’ve written on here. Thanks for the kind words dude. Best of luck out there.


  5. bloke! Where do I start ? I need to sit back and start again,that’s some funny shit ! My phone can’t scroll fast enough


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