Sniffing Marc’s Panties

I’m sure most of you have heard by now that Marc and I broke up. What you may not know is why. Here’s a list of unauthorized expenditures he made with my Petco rewards card:

1. Camcorder…….. 1,000 dollars
2. Pool…….. 330 dollars
3. Another Pool……… 330 dollars
4. Diary……….. 10 dollars
5. Audio recorder………. 50 dollars
6. Porn Videos……….. Don’t know how much he spent
7. Large Trampoline………… 350 dollars
8. Full Sized Barbie Dolls over three feet tall………… It was Nolan Devine that brought that over. It was not an actual Barbie Doll so he lied about it to my face!
9. Telescope For Our Yard to look at the stars. (So he claimed!)

Despite all this I still love him. I made this video shortly after we split. Doing a lot better now.


More of my videos can be found here: Gabfrab’s Youtube

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