Q&A: Vibrating Diapers

Q: What is wrong with you?

A: I can only cum with the use of a vibrating diaper. Other than that all good.

Q: yo. serious question. how much of what you write is true? i think your a fucking genius (weird as fuck youtube included) but i worry about you man.

A: Since you think I’m a genius I now command that you kneel at my feet to suck out the gout. Like Christ with His hooker you’ll jack my hooves with hair and perfume. Give tithe to my body with tongue upon toes.

RE how much of my writing is true:

All I scrawl on my site is real. Dispatches straight from an ill-spent life. I write what I know but only cover the interesting stuff. Barrels of my time are spent on strolls inhaling podcasts, swimming in porta-potties to sip fresh piss, or sitting at the library to read and write. It’s quite mundane from day-to-day.

If you pay attention to my writing you’ll see that much of it falls into introspection. That most of my stories are me stumbling upon odd occurrences then processing them. Also, shitting my pants. Lots and lots of pants shitting. I should prob strap on a diaper for reasons other than nutting.

I guess I live an absurd existence but since it’s my own it feels normalized. Sleeping in a car, sucking down trash, sipping vodka with bums have become an on and off part of my experience. I don’t embellish but pick and choose what moments to cover. My writing gives a very accurate portrayal of one slice of my life but not all of it.

Because of that I now try write about a variety of things to fill in those blanks. I don’t wanna spin the same wheel forever, even if it’s an interesting wheel. Plus my prose helps me understand myself, much like a form of meditation. I want to mine new depths, explore my inner self. Now, do I do a great job at covering those other things? The less absurd and extreme moments of my existence? No, but I’m chipping away with a dull pick.

RE the portion of your question that concerns stuff beyond my site:

On twitter and YouTube I enact a character with small parts of myself sprinkled in. 90% of my tweets are dumb jokes. None of my videos are from a personal perspective. I like twitter because it lets me air dark and absurd ideas that don’t fit the tone of my writing. Plus it forces me to have a creative thought every day, even if that’s just me snorkeling a toilet full of my sugar grandpa’s feces.

Videos are also their own thing. They help me stretch a different creative muscle. Allow me to offload ideas that wouldn’t fit elsewhere. Me dressed in a deer corpse and jizzing into Fanta just doesn’t have another home. And aren’t we all glad I found an outlet for such a lovely thought?

I’m oft surprised when people take my videos and tweets as something real. I make them so absurd. The person in one video could not be the same as one in another. Same with tweets. It’s not that hard to figure out. Still, I understand how after reading my writing that the lines could be blurred. Allow this post to be your bifocals.

Long story short: My writing is what’s most important to me as it’s personal, reflective, and true. Twitter and YouTube are great creative outlets but in a different way. They’re fun but secondary.

RE worrying about me:

No need for that. My mind is all good. I’m educated, have lots of life experience, and a supportive family. Could be much worse. If you’re in an absolute panic then hey, feel free to shoot some coins my way: https://gabfrab.com/make-a-wish-gross-hobo-edition/

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13 thoughts on “Q&A: Vibrating Diapers

    1. Aw you’re the best. Thank you. I’d say not to worry but it does no good! Everything is fine for me. As always, wishing the best for you and your boy πŸ™‚ πŸ‘


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