Fat Kid Shitting

There’s little dignity in public bathrooms. They’re designed to be cold and hostile. Wring your guts and go. Tin toilets and scratched up mirrors. The stink and smears of someone else’s shit. Stray pubes and the knowledge that others jack off on these toilets. Then there’s low stalls people can see over. Even worse the dreaded no door. Open concept in the one place it doesn’t belong.

I once came upon a fat kid sitting on the shitter. There were no stall doors in the public pool changing room. I was a kid too, there to swim with cousins. This young version of me felt afraid to be seen naked but there were no private spaces to change. So I did it quick, turning from those I know. Then I walked by the defecator, taking in this absurd sight. He sat naked while wiping his ass. Fat rolls squishing with every reach down to brown town. No dignity on display. Just a fat kid shitting.

To defecate is our most primal and private act. Even unseen by those we fuck. Dogs dump in public and bug their eyes as they do it. They sense the shame. Know it shouldn’t be seen. I once filmed myself taking a shit and it’s the worst thing I’ve ever done. Betrayed my own privacy. I feel no need to witness another enact this act. The squat and splat. But no door and a fucked up tummy meant we all caught sight of the fad kit shitting. Wiping his ass in the open. More than twenty years later he still sticks in my mind. A truly awful sight.

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