V2k Augmented Vaginal Stiffening

They’re using the management at the YMCA on Huntington Ave. to antagonize me. I have reason to believe that in addition to this YMCA-sponsored terrorism, artificial storms are being used to attack me and my pet pigs. I documented piglets being stabbed and tossed into piles, large pigs beaten with metal rods, and carcasses dumped in the sand.

The garage I stay in is infested with insects. There is rodent excrement on a shelf. The flies in the small kitchen are allegedly there because of the stinking cat food. Dead insects are frequently placed near items I use. Dirt and hairs are placed on the counter I use to wash dishes.

The area denial methods used in the small kitchen and basement where I keep things include: wheelbarrows, buckets, pots, baskets, dead rodents, rocks, sticks, clumps of dirt, dog vomit, and animal excrement. They block the countertops with cat food dishes, cat hairs, and cat food bags. Empty dog food cans placed in the sink prevent me from using it. Hornet nests have also appeared.

Almost all members of my immediate family are braintapped (receiving wireless instructions) from a federal agency. The entire scenario of them repeatedly commenting on my thought patterns & actions appears to be based on a combination of technologies. These include Augmented Cognition (AugCog) and Microwave Hearing (V2K), which are basically mind-reading and the wireless transmission of spoken words. I’m often mocked and insulted during these exchanges by multiple family members working in unison, presumably at the direction of federal operators. This scenario occurs the entire time I’m in their presence. The obvious goal is to electronically isolate me.

I’m still sleeping under the bridge on Storrow Drive.